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A specialized tool for the faster typing on keyboards with Multi-Function Keys (MFKs) including a dedicated mouse mode that allows for faster and more precise navigation through the interface of your choice. So, you will be able to type as fast as you can, and enjoy greater functionality by using MFKs to reach all of your potential keyboard shortcuts.
• Special mouse mode
KEYMACRO can be used in 2 ways: « regular mode » and « mousery mode ». Both modes enable the faster scrolling and navigation over various interfaces, but they are distinctive.
In the « regular mode », the interface will scroll along with the mouse cursor. This way, you will be able to quickly navigate through your files, folders and other items on the desktop, a menu, a web browser or other interface.
On the contrary, the « mouse mode » gives you a dedicated key to use for the scroll, while leaving the regular mouse cursor for navigation.
• Automatic scrolling
KEYMACRO adjusts the speed of scrolling to achieve the best performance, and adapts it to the task. For example, if you switch between files or folders, it will reduce the scrolling speed, and increase it once you open a new file or folder.
• Multimedia keys
KEYMACRO includes multimedia keys for playing music, switching between video sources and pause/play. You can set the hotkeys that you need most and perform simple actions such as « play », « pause », « stop », « next », « prev » and « fast forward » by using the dedicated multimedia buttons.
• Dedicated functionality for MFKs
KEYMACRO includes powerful functions for MFKs that you can use for basic actions, games or shortcuts. For example, you can turn off « fast forward » or « next » in the control panel and access favorite games through the « show games list » hotkey. You can also use « show shortcuts » hotkey to open or close the control panel.
• Full support for the popular Windows 1252 code page
KEYMACRO includes full support for the popular Windows 1252 code page. This way, you can type messages that you might send to other people, using different keyboard layouts, just by typing an « a » followed by the Unicode code point.
KEYMACRO offers many useful features and an intuitive interface. I recommend it to all PC users that want to type faster and enjoy a highly efficient tool for easier navigation through various interfaces.
KEYMACRO Features:
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– Create a feeling of relaxation
– Preset your own slideshow or slideshow selection from your library
– Set slideshow length and screen resolution
– Add more pictures to your slideshow
– Change from landscape to portrait orientation
– Zoom in/out with one-touch buttons
– Select a single picture from your library and display it
– Stretch full screen mode with one-touch buttons
– Mouse-over on picture to zoom in and mouse-out to zoom out
– Double click on picture to start slideshow
– Double click on other pictures to start slideshow
– Reset slideshow to last selected photo with one-touch buttons
– Adjust size of pictures with one-touch buttons
– Set slideshow speed from 1 to 10 in increments of 1
– Restart slideshow with one-touch buttons
– The slideshow currently has 20 pictures in it
– Available to download for free.
Puppies and Kittens screensaver keyfeatures:
– Add your own images to slideshow from your hard drive.
– Adjust the length of slideshow and add more pictures.
– Select from the slideshow to start slideshow or select your own pictures.
– Keep your hands on your keyboard when enjoying this screensaver.
– You can create a customized slideshow, just click « create slideshow » and select pictures from the slideshow library.
– You can also click « select pictures from my library » to select pictures from your hard drive and then use keyboard to create a slideshow.
– The slideshow will create a few short songs.
– You can add music for a more relaxing atmosphere.
– The slideshow can be set to run in full screen mode.
– You can zoom in/out of pictures using mouse, or just click on picture to zoom in or out.
– You can zoom in/out with one-touch buttons.
– You can set the slideshow to run with a speed from 1-10.
– You can stop/reset slideshow with one-touch buttons.
– You can start or stop slideshow by clicking on the picture.
– You can set your picture to play on mouse-over and stop the picture on mouse-out.
– You can set the picture to stretch full screen mode with one-touch buttons.
– You can set your picture to stretch portrait mode with one-touch buttons.
– You can change the picture size with one-touch buttons.
– You can set slideshow to repeat after each set of 10 pictures with one-touch buttons.
– You can set

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