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Control your Mac using your own custom-created macros. The Mac OS X 10.7 « Lion » has an improved keyboard shortcuts and provides new power functions.

Mac Home Security Description:
There are many reasons to protect your home and your family. Home security is now easier to install and manage thanks to the many new features in Mac Home Security.

iDrive Audio Player Description:
iDrive Audio Player is a simple yet powerful player that lets you play any files in your home folder. You can download, play and pause, rewind and fast forward audio files and play multiple files at once.

Mac Home Security is a security and surveillance app designed to provide a secure home using hardware and software. The software is designed to record audio and video in different rooms. A Mac Home Security License Key is available for free.

Stardock Start8 Description:
If you like to tweak your Mac and customize your desktop to suit your needs, Stardock Start8 is the best option. Start8 is a Mac OS X application developed to provide easier access to your system preferences.

iDrive Audio Player – Music Player and Playlist Creation.
iDrive Audio Player allows you to listen to your music, playlists and audio files in the way you wish. Now you can enjoy playing music, listening to your playlists and create playlists with ease using iDrive Audio Player.

Watch out! A team of high school hackers is on the loose and they’re after all your information. You’ll need to gather up as many clues as you can in order to find out who’s behind this invasion of privacy.

Watch out! A team of high school hackers is on the loose and they’re after all your information. You’ll need to gather up as many clues as you can in order to find out who’s behind this invasion of privacy.

Award winning game by Numa Studios, which was featured in the Apple IIe commercial, UFO Invasion! is now available for Mac!

In a battle for Earth, the Soviet space fleet is invading the planet with unknown intentions. After being attacked by UFO’s, you must use stealth and intelligence in order to save the world!

Shrapnel Jump! Description:
Shrapnel Jump! takes you on a thrilling ride through medieval times, the 18th century and the far future. You can hunt for loot, fight with your fellow citizens and become the hero of the revolution.

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Use it to update, uninstall or reinstall driver and graphic card.
Steve xiaozhi
Visit for the latest driver and app versions.Don’t Underestimate the Value of Intentionally Failing

Wednesday, May 1, 2017

A true student of the game knows the idea that one may fail, but if one does, it can be worth the attempt.

This applies to many aspects of life and business. One of my favorite examples is the notion that it might be better to fail than to never try at all. And, failure, from a prospecting or networking standpoint, should not be feared. It’s much better to purposely seek out failure and then learn from it than to simply be swallowed up by it.

We all have ideas about what it means to fail. I’m not a big fan of failure as a concept. I tend to think of failure as something to avoid at all costs. So, I find myself downplaying the importance of failure even though the idea can be really useful when applied correctly.

Failure can be helpful if you let it.

The secret to failing better is getting the right information to try again. You can view failure as the cost of trying. Your intuition may tell you one way, and your mind may argue against that. And, if you just keep doing what you’re doing, you will continue to fail.

But, the right information can tip the balance.

Failing Wrong

Let’s look at an example of how failing in the right way can actually help you.

Imagine this scenario: You’re doing a sales call and getting absolutely nowhere. Nothing seems to be happening. You’re getting absolutely no action. You’re not even being acknowledged. The people on the other end are not even listening. And, worst of all, no one wants to buy from you. This is the worst possible scenario in a sales call. But, if you go back and examine it, you’ll notice that it’s really not as bad as it seems. In fact, you can take advantage of the situation to really strengthen your sales organization.

You’ll see that if you’re not pushing on them, you’re probably not a threat.

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