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Applications showing this {proportional_solid} can be found here.
Custom created Applications or their demonstration videos can be found here.


I’m not sure I understand what you mean by a golden rectangle, but if by an equilateral triangle, then yes there is a solution.
The only way I can think of to find an equilateral triangle, centered on the origin, whose sides are the lengths of the sides of a golden rectangle, is to place it in the plane and then rotate it. The following shows that there is such a golden triangle.

(The following is the output from a script I wrote in the terminal on OS X. It takes the radius and the height of the triangle as parameters.)
#!/bin/csh -f
set polar=true
set number=60
set triangle_height=$1
set triangle_radius=$2

# Find the four corners of the triangle
set size=0
set pnt[0]=0
set pnt[1]=0
set pnt[2]=0
set pnt[3]=0

echo $size
set n=$size
set pnt[$n]=$pnt[$n-1]
set n=$n+1

# Rotate the triangle
set angle=$((($pnt[1]*360/180/2/2)*($pnt[2]*360/180/2/2)*($pnt[3]*360/180/2/2))/180)
set pnt[1]=$pnt[1]*cos($angle) – $pnt[3]*sin($angle) + $pnt[2]*sin($angle) + $pnt[3]*cos($angle)
set pnt[2]=$pnt[1]*sin($angle) + $pnt[3]*cos($angle) – $pnt[2]*sin($angle) + $pnt[3]*cos($angle)
set pnt[3]=$pnt[1]*cos($angle) + $ d82f892c90

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The KEYMACRO signature pad is not meant to be used by all user. It is designed for users who want to maintain a clean data base with no pre-written signatures. It does not support the import of images, as well as its ease of use and easy-to-use.
Consequently, it should be used for short, temporary signatures (e.g. for web pages).

This component is a searchable and sortable list of products. It is an independent component and does not have any special dependencies to the H2 database.
It can be installed as a standalone applet or as an application.

This component provides a file chooser dialog for the user to select one or more files to upload, and an upload dialog for the user to upload those files. The list of files can be sorted and filtered.

The ICE Component (ICE is short for Internet Content
Explorer) is an interactive applet with a Java User Interface.
This applet is not just another web-browser, but provides an
view of the World Wide Web.

The J2EE Component provides integration of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technologies with the Java ME SDK.
The J2EE Component is currently available in two packages, the core
package, which includes the Enterprise JavaBeans API, and the
application package, which contains all of the
J2EE applications in the core package.

This Component is a Java UI widget for a form. It is useful for filling in details of a user request (like registration, login, web browsing, download, etc.)
It is similar to the HTML input-text and button elements.

This component is a JSF component that provides a selection list component. The selection list can be filtered, sorted and searched.
For example, you can use this component in your application’s user interface to select the items that the user can do.

JAXB is a Java API that enables you to deal with the XML,
XHTML, and XMLSchema data types using the Java programming
language and the Java programming language class libraries.
The JAXB architecture has many applications including
representing a Java object model in XML Schema,
manipulating XML documents
using the DOM interface, and
generating Java classes
based on an XML Schema.

This component is a JSF component that provides a search box in a page

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