KEYMACRO is a handy macro recorder that allows users to record, edit, and replay keystrokes. Users can capture text typed on any application, keystrokes typed on a keyboard, mouse clicks, and keyboard shortcuts for Windows. KEYMACRO enables users to record and playback the keystrokes and clicks on the system and create custom keyboard and mouse macros with ease. Once recorded, macros can be saved, edited, played back, or deleted, making it easy to create the customized commands that can be used by any application, be it an email client, document editor, database, or web browser.
HOW TO REVERSE AN EXISIVE FILES SYSTEM TO A NTFS FILES SYSTEM? Windows system is a logical partitioning of hard disks. A logical partition contains one or more physical partitions. One hard disk can be partitioned into a number of logical partitions, although a maximum of four logical partitions can be defined. The operation which results in the creation of a logical partition is called « partitioning » or simply « partitioning ». Once the logical partition is created, the file system is installed and the partition is then referred to as a « partition. » When a partition is created, a type of file system is specified which designates how the data will be stored on the disk partition. At the time of the installation of the operating system, the user is presented with a list of file systems that will be available to him/her.

Convert NTFS Volume

Malwarebytes Pro & Malwarebytes Anti-Malware can detect threats, remove them and protect your system against re-infection.

Repair a File System

Boot-Repair can repair errors with Windows startup, install a missing bootloader, and add/change boot options.

Create a System Partition

A Windows system partition is a special type of file that contains files and data that are used by your computer to boot and run the operating system.

Create a Windows Swap Partition

Swap partitions are used to increase the available space for your memory.

Unlock a File

Open up a secure file on Windows with no hassle.

Convert NTFS Volume to FAT Volume

Convert NTFS Volume to FAT Volume can enable you to read and write data on any disk.

Create a Startup Repair CD/DVD

When your computer cannot boot up normally, you can use Startup Repair CD/DVD to 384a16bd22

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A transparent and dynamic, Browser-based, Programmer tool for macros.
– Dynamic and Transparent code execution
– New Functionality per Month
– Macro Manager
– Built in API
– Record Macro
– Event Monitor
– Error handling
– Visual Macro Recorder
– Output Macro
– Customizable macros
– Language:
– VBScript

Top Sites – Get Internet Stats

You need to have JavaScript enabled to view this site.
This software is intended for educational use only, and is provided « as is » without warranty of any kind.

How to use the software:

Inspect your DNS

Open your URL with your preferred browser.

At the top left of the browser you can see a status bar with an icon that tells you about your connection to the Internet.

The site at the top of the browser contains statistics about the internet traffic going on between you and the sites you visit, or whatever address you entered into your browser.

In the above example, is the main page of our Top Sites software. Notice how the green percentage shows a high internet activity.

How to use the software:

Browsing history

What you see here is your browser history.

Type any address into the URL field (address bar) and the software will take you to the same web page.

This allows you to view all your browsing history.

The coloured bars indicate when you visited the website.

How to use the software:

Main menu

This menu will allow you to check the Statistics, Identify the active websites, browse through the history, check DNS entries, export the data to a CSV file and much more.

The buttons at the bottom are self-explanatory.

How to use the software:

Identify the active websites

Type any address into the URL field (address bar) and the software will take you to the same web page.

This allows you to view all the websites you visited in the last seven days, and identify if any were active during that time.

The coloured bars indicate when the site was active, based on the logged IP.

How to use the software:

Basic DNS Logs

Open your URL with your preferred browser.

At the top left of the browser you can see a status bar

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