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The FSplit application is the ideal tool for quickly creating and splitting CD and DVD data files. The program enables users to store any file, including image and audio files, on one or more CD or DVD discs without worrying about data loss.
The FSplit application includes the ability to create new data files at a predefined track on a CD or DVD, and to specify the file format to be used. This means that users can create data files for storing audio, image, video and other digital content at any position on a disc. They can also create data files that are compatible with a specific CD player or DVD drive.
This allows users to save as much disc space as possible by creating data files containing less than 100,000 bytes, instead of wasting disc space on blank or already occupied regions.
Other features include the ability to set the file name, the disc capacity, and the maximum file size, as well as to preview the disc before data files are created. The program’s user interface is intuitive and easy to use.
How to install? (source)

1. Extract the zip file.
2. Run the program.

How to use FSplit? (source)

1. Create a new file.

2. Create a new data file.

3. Preview the disc.

4. Split the disc by time.

5. Split the disc by data file.

6. Split the disc by size.

7. Split the disc by name.

8. Repeat #3.

Source Code: (FSplit 3.03)

1. Use the DELETE command to clear the current file name.

2. Use the COPY command to copy an existing file to the new file.

3. Use the COPY command to copy an existing file to the destination file.

4. If you have the path and destination file names in the command line, you can use the COPY command to copy the source file into the destination file.

5. If you have the path in the command line, you can use the COPY command to copy the destination file into the source file.

6. You can use the COPY command to copy a file from a specific position of the CD or DVD.

7. When you have the eea19f52d2

« Shutdown Monster » is a unique shutdown scheduler.

Quick deployment and intuitive interface.

Schedule shutdown processes.

Turn off when a file is no more.

Clever hotkey support for various features.

In the Fast Access tab, you can assign specific actions to hotkeys.

Customer reviews

I was impressed with the ease of use of this program. I left it running during the day and it automatically shutdown at 6pm. I liked that I could set the interval for checking if the program had finished scanning and I have already been asked for my review.

From my customer’s review

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I like the fact that it can be downloaded from a website. I never was a fan of installing software on my PC. I have noticed that there are a lot of free shutdown scheduler programs on the internet. I haven’t tried any of them and I hope that « Shutdown Monster » will be good enough for me.

From my customer’s review

I have used « shutdown monster » from here before and I like it. I think it does what it says it will do. I was surprised to see a version for Vista. I’m glad I can now see what is happening. This is my favorite program. I’m sure there are many more who like « Shutdown Monster »

I like this software. I use it to shut down my computer at the end of the day. I also use it to run my program at night at a specific time. This is easy to use and it works everytime. I never have had a problem. The shutdown timer is great. I even use the time to shut down my computer during the day when it is not being used. I think this is the best program available for automatic shutdown. It is free and you should try it out.

From my customer’s review

This is an easy to use program to save time at the end of the day. I use it to shut down my computer at a time that is specified.

It is pretty much what I was looking for. I am using it with Windows 7.

From my customer’s review

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