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HexEditor is an application developed in Java which gives you the possibility to view and exit the hexadecimal code of any files, regardless of their format. It also reveals some technical information that can be analyzed by experienced users.

Simple interface for editing hex code

It’s packed in a user-friendly interface made from a normal window with a plain and simple structure, where you can use the file browser to find and open a file to view its hex code.

The technical details include signed and unsigned 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit, long (64-bit integer), float (32-bit), double (64-bit) and binary. You can make a selection by specifying the start and end offset, as well as jump to any offset within the code.

Perform searches and save the file

Search operations can be conducted to track down a particular signed or unsigned byte, short, integer, long, float, double, string or regular string.

After editing the file, you can overwrite it with the modifications or create a new file by indicating the output folder and filename. Moreover, you can inspect a table showing character distribution with bytes, hex values, count and percentage. Keyboard shortcuts are supported.

No setup necessary, besides Java

Since it’s not wrapped in a setup kit, you can drop the downloaded files in a custom directory on the disk or store them on a USB flash drive to seamlessly run HexEditor on any computer with Java. It doesn’t add new entries to your system registry or create files on the disk without your approval.





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PC & Mac

HexCon is a program designed to display and edit the hexadecimal codes in a very simple and intuitive way. The language used for editing is based on the English language, which allows beginners to follow the process in a faster way.
Feature highlights
– Decimal to Hexadecimal conversion
– Hex to Decimal conversion
– Hex to Binary conversion
– Reverse Hexadecimal
– Hex to Hex conversion
– Hex to HEX conversion
– Hex to Binary conversion
– Hex to Decimal conversion

Simple interface for editing hex code

It’s packed in a user-friendly interface made from a normal window with a plain and simple structure, where you can use the file browser to find and open a file d82f892c90

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KEYMACRO is a simple and efficient application that can help you input some important keystrokes in a fast and accurate way. This can be useful for most of the programming languages that require hotkeys in their IDE.

What are the best programs to synchronize your iPod to your computer?

If you want to put your iPod to a full-fledged computer, you can take advantage of the excellent functions of the program iTunes. iTunes makes your computer automatically download your music, videos, playlists and favorites to your iPod.
With iTunes, you can manage the iPod’s content and organize it into playlists, while automatically backing up the iPod and sharing it with other computers.
To put your iPod to iTunes, you will need to have an iPod as well as an iTunes account. Before you start using iTunes, you should also have a CD to transfer your music to the iPod.
Below are the top 10 programs to synchronize your iPod to your computer.
iTunes for iPod
iTunes makes it easier than ever to manage your iPod and synchronize it with your computer. You can use this program to manage the iPod’s content, search for new songs and videos, create playlists and use custom ringtones.
Using the program iTunes also helps you back up your music and videos to your computer, since you can put your computer to sleep when you are listening to the music, thus minimizing the amount of battery you use when listening to your iPod.
iTunes costs $49.99, but can be downloaded and installed for free.
iPod Manager
To synchronize your iPod to your computer, you need to be able to manage your iPod using the iTunes program. Although iTunes does a good job of managing your iPod, it is also limited when it comes to managing your iPod’s content.
Using this program, you can control the music that you have on your iPod and manage the folders and playlists you have created using iTunes. The program’s user interface is simple and effective.
It costs $29.95 and you can download it for free.
If you want to transfer your photos to your computer, you can use the iPhoto application to achieve this. This is one of the simplest programs to use and it does not take up a lot of space on your computer.
With iPhoto you can convert your photos to videos and create photo montages. The program allows you to organize your photos by event or date, group your photos by location and perform

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