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– Enable/Disable speakerphone mode
– Set up the source file in WAV format to play
– Set up the destination directory
– Start/Stop/Enable recording
– Stop recording and play it back
– Set up the speed of playback
– Set the destination PC’s language
– Set up the sound level
– Set up the numebr of lines
– Set up the speed of line
– Set up the operator number
– Set up the Number 1 line
– Set up the Off-hook delay
– Set up the Re-dial Delay
– Set up the Forward Delay
– Set up the Bypass wait (the wait after a dial-tone)
– Set up the Wait (seconds) after the dial-tone
– Set up the Transmit Line
– Set up the Transmit Frequency (MHz)
– Set up the Transmit Polarity
– Set up the Access code for TAD
– Set up the Pass code for TAD
– Set up the Contact the Contact mode
– Set up the Dial string
– Set up the URL string
– Set up the Contact timeout
– Set up the URL timeout
– Set up the Frequency Error
– Set up the Reset
– Set up the ATO
– Set up the ATR
– Set up the ATU
– Set up the ATU
– Set up the Sound command
– Set up the System command
– Set up the DSP command
– Set up the SSP command
– Set up the Break command
– Set up the SDS command
– Set up the Debug command
– Set up the MSR command
– Set up the RDC command
– Set up the SEP command
– Set up the Set command
– Set up the Set of commands
– Set up the Prompt command
– Set up the Hold command
– Set up the Contact command
– Set up the ACK command
– Set up the APDU command
– Set up the Terminate command
– Set up the PST command
– Set up the ZSP command
– Set up the MPR command
– Set up the Write command
– Set up the Read command
– Set up the Read/write command
– Set up the Send command
– Set up the Remote command
– Set up the Remote Command
– Set up the Remote Script command
– Set up the Exit Command
– Set up the Abort command
– Set up 384a16bd22

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Enhance your laptop keyboard.
By installing KEYMACRO, your keyboard can feel brand new again!
Simply type on it like you did with your old keyboard. No need to press the Fn key and spend hours to find the right combination.
KEYMACRO – the ultimate keyboard!
KEYMACRO is a piece of software that fits perfectly into Windows 7, which is able to add new features to the keyboard.
For example, pressing Alt will reveal a new menu that contains all the functions you need. This will be very convenient for the users who are accustomed to have a special button for every function.
It can be enabled using the Touch Key feature. You can also customize keyboard shortcuts to have control over the functionality on your computer.
How does it work?
Once you launch the KEYMACRO software, you will be prompted to provide a backup of your present configuration file.
You can also take the control from your computer’s keyboard to switch to the software.
KEYMACRO has five tabs:
1. Layout
2. Shortcuts
3. Touch keys
4. Language
5. Options
The Layout tab will have all the options you need to adjust the keyboard behavior. In fact, you can change the lighting of the keyboard, the keyboard layout, and other options related to the used keyboard.
To add a new layout, simply click on the + symbol on the right, and select the layout from a list.
The Shortcuts tab will have all the functions you want to control, and will be accessible via the Fn key on your computer. It will not only have controls for the special keys, but also the special actions that are reserved for the mouse, such as hovering over a button or pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del.
You can also create a separate shortcut for any button, such as the Windows key, the menu, etc.
The Touch keys tab is dedicated to those who want to control the computer using their own keyboard. You will be able to find all the special actions that can be performed using the keys of your new keyboard.
You will also be able to choose which keys you want to be active, and to customize the lighting.
The Language tab will allow you to specify your native language.
The Options tab contains a lot of information that can be accessed via a right-click. Most of these options will be directly related to your keyboard, such as the booting time, the keyboard backlighting


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