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[ESC] = exit full-screen (alt-enter).
SPACE = increase/decrease the speed.
+ or – = increase/decrease the volume.
PAGEUP = move the visualization to the next audio station.
PAGEDOWN = move the visualization to the previous audio station.
END = exit full-screen.
Adjustable parameters:
Controllable by using the KEYMACRO’s while the visualization is playing.
You can also adjust the volume and speed by using the slider at the bottom.
NEW Features:
Created in collaboration with the American Flag Project at Carnegie Mellon University.
Check out their web site at for more information.
* Zoom into the entire US.
* 8 different colours are selectable to represent the states.
* Zooming allows you to see the state represented.
* « Beats per minute » controls the speed of the visualization.
* You can adjust the speed and volume.
* You can view the lyrics.
* Support for Windows Media Player 11.
* If you need help or would like to know more, visit the American Flag Project’s web site at or email us at flag@cmu.edu.
* You must have Windows Media Player 11 installed to view this visualization.
* If your display does not support 800×600 resolution, you can increase the size of the visualization by using a higher resolution when viewing the visualization full-screen.
* If you do not have Windows Media Player 11 installed, you can use the visualization in conjunction with the Windows Media Player Logo visualization.
* The visualization is not for sale.
* This visualization is meant to be played in conjunction with the Windows Media Player Logo visualization.

(If there is an American flag visualization available that you want for Windows Media Player, please let us know!)

Do you have any visualizations you would like to share with other users of Windows Media Player?
Let us know!

The latest version of this visualization has been created in collaboration with the American Flag Project at Carnegie Mellon University.
Check out their web site at for more information.

The American Flag is made up of several different states. Each state has their own flag, and the location and size of the state vary 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is a keystroke recorder that records everything you type and macros you set, including text snippets you’ve copied and pasted. The macro you set will be played back in whatever program you’re working on, or in a specific program.
Let’s say you’re an online shopper. You’ve got a favorite search engine, say Google, but you also like to go to Bing.com and Yahoo.com for extra results. Wouldn’t it be nice to type your keywords, « Google, Bing, Yahoo » into your browser’s address bar and hit enter?
KEYMACRO is a shortcut that can turn that into one mouse click.
KEYMACRO will record every keystroke you make, and every single mouse click as well. It doesn’t require a mouse and it works with any Windows program.
Whether you are a keyboard junkie looking for more macros or a beginner just trying to understand your computer, KEYMACRO is the right tool for you.
Powerful Macros
KEYMACRO’s powerful macros allow you to write a single shortcut to perform many tasks. You can assign a shortcut key to any of the Macros you have set up.
The macros can run in any program, but they run in the background and don’t block your program from working.
Each macro can contain all kinds of text snippets, including selection of text, commands, email addresses, website addresses, text from other files, Clipboard and more.
You can use any text snippets in your macros, and you can run the macro whenever you want.
Watch your Macros run in real time
KEYMACRO records your keystrokes as they happen in real time, just like a video camera.
Make Notes
KEYMACRO makes it easy to write down your Macros, notes and snippets on paper. You can have them easily transferred into your computer.
KEYMACRO will automatically transfer your notes and Macros into your Windows programs, such as MSN Explorer, Internet Explorer, MS Office, Visual Studio, Visual Basic, Delphi and more.
Get Started in Minutes
KEYMACRO starts recording automatically. You can use the interface to start or stop recording.
You can assign a hotkey to activate and record. You can assign any key you want to record your macros.
KEYMACRO is a powerful tool that will revolutionize your computer tasks and make life easier, in many ways.
It’s a handy tool that records every single keystroke you make and every single


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