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Ethics Beyond High School – Academic Ethics and Internet Use Description:
While most universities recognize the universal right to free education, the use of Internet to meet one’s academic obligations has led to growing concern that Internet-based instruction is unsafe, that online learning disrupts the social experience of college, and that the practice devalues the institution. Nonetheless, students are increasingly enrolling in Internet courses, and college instructors are increasingly allowing students to meet their academic obligations by teaching online.
The Internet has transformed the way we access information, and the way we do our work. It has also transformed the way we communicate with other people, and the way we stay in touch with people we care about. The Internet is more than a means of disseminating information; it is a global community that provides myriad services, such as entertainment, education, self-expression, and connections with people who share common interests.
The use of the Internet in the classroom is seen by some as disruptive to the social experience of college, and even as an act of anti-social disrespect. Courses that are designed exclusively online are seen by some as academically dangerous and intellectually dishonest.
Several theorists have explored the relationship between ethics and technology. The traditional model of ethics is based on the Kantian distinction between the world of ends and the world of means. Ethics is seen as the study of the right uses of human actions. Examples of uses of human action in the world of ends are military wars, the use of resources, and sexual relations, whereas examples of uses of human action in the world of means are motor vehicles, electricity, and medical treatments.
Another model of ethics can be found in Aristotle’s approach to ethics. Aristotle distinguished between the more virtuous and more vicious parts of human nature. Virtuous people can be characterized as those who are self-controlled and who are motivated by their own intrinsic interests. Vicious people are characterized as those who are dominated by their appetites, and who are motivated by extrinsic or personal interests. Aristotle further differentiated the virtuous and vicious people from each other in two ways.
The virtuous and vicious people have two fundamentally different ways of interacting with the world. The virtuous people have two basic virtues: wisdom and courage. Wisdom is the faculty that enables virtuous people to choose the right means, or actions, in order to achieve the right end, or end. Courage is the faculty that enables virtuous people to endure hardships, such as war, famine, and exile, in order to achieve their ends.
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VLC uses libvlc as the native multimedia framework, which implements the functionality of several multimedia decoders and provides streaming and seeking capabilities, as well as high-level operations like playing, pausing, and seeking in the video stream.
The VideoLAN project also provides versioned snapshots and a live streaming media server, plus many other useful tools.
VLC has no dependencies on other applications or the operating system, except for the libraries it requires to play media files. It is compatible with many types of hardware, including Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris, and BSD operating systems.
This application is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7, and requires at least Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5, Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition, and the Microsoft Media Foundation 1.0.
VLC can also be installed on Mac OS X and can be used as a set-top box in Apple TV. VLC is also available on most Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Debian, SUSE, and Arch Linux.
VLC also has many other features, including the ability to view DVDs, VCDs, and SVCDs, browse Internet radio stations, play Internet streaming audio and video, look up radio stations, edit and transcribe web videos, record TV channels, play games, and much more.
This app is not free, but it is only a $40 value for Microsoft Windows users. VLC Media Player is the premiere multimedia solution for Windows.
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1) How to Install and Set up VLC Media Player on Mac OS X
2) How to Install and Set up VLC Media Player on Windows
3) How to Install and Set


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